About Us

How to Join - Online registration is available at beascout.org! If you'd like to learn more about Troop 159 please feel free to contact us, or visit us during one of our weekly Thursday night meetings,  7:00-9:00pm at the First Parish Church United, 48 Main Street in Westford, MA.   If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to ask any of the uniformed leaders you see at a troop meeting

Troop 159 has been serving area youth for more than 65 years. Sponsored by First Parish Church United, Westford, Massachusetts

Philosophy – Troop 159 is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Mission and Vision of Scouts/BSA and places a strong emphasis on providing the tools and training for young men to learn to make ethical decisions while having fun and adventure.

Mission – The mission of Scouts/BSA is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Vision – The Boy Scouts of America is the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values based leadership training. In the future scouting will continue to:

Organization – Troop 159 strongly endorses and rigorously implements the Boy-Led concept of troop leadership. With the guidance, encouragement and training from the adult leaders, the scouts of Troop 159 plan and implement the program of the troop through the utilization of the patrol method. Scouts function in patrols of 7 to 10 Scouts without the direct participation of adults and learn to depend on each other. While parents are encouraged to contribute to the troop in many ways, Scouting is not a father/mother and child program. Scouts learn the skills of self-sufficiency and independence, working with other Scouts their age.

Leadership – Every uniformed adult leader of Troop 159 has completed the minimum suite of training courses prescribed by Scouts/BSA including “Fast Start” and Youth Protection. Most of the (non-uniformed) Troop Committee members have also completed one or more of these programs. Several leaders have completed more advanced training courses.

Requirements – A youth may join Troop 159 upon reaching age 11, or upon completing the AOL Cub Scout program, or upon completing fifth grade. We expect of each scout the following:

Advancement - Troop 159 is very proud of the accomplishments of our scouts. The goal of every scout is to become an Eagle Scout, Boy Scout’s highest rank. Numerous scouts in Troop 159 have reached this pinnacle. The troop’s activities are centered on learning and doing the things that scouts need to do to advance. A scout who has completed requirements for a rank may advance after participation in a conference with the Scoutmaster and a review by the Troop Committee’s Board of Review. It’s the scout’s responsibility to ask for this review. We present awards at a quarterly “Court of Honor” attended by all parents and other family members.

We keep the “Outing” in “Scouting” – The Troop’s annual program consists of weekly troop meetings, quarterly Courts of Honor, at least 10 weekend outings, and a one-week summer camp. Older scouts also may also attend ‘Venture Outings’ during the year and ‘High Adventure’ camps during the summer.

Troop Dues - The Troop is funded through annual dues paid by each Scout. The amount of the annual dues are established each fall by the Troop Committee and pay for all Troop owned camping equipment, awards presented to Scouts in recognition of their advancement, training programs provided to youth and adults, Troop administration expenses, Boys Life Magazine for each scout, registration fees paid to the National Scout office, and other miscellaneous expenses. Scout’s transferring from other units (even Cub Scout Packs) need to pay a pro-rated fee at the time they join.

Parent Participation - We encourage all parents to contribute in some fashion for the betterment of the Scouting program of Troop 159. Troop 159 is a large organization and there are numerous areas where we need parent help.

Troop 159 Scoutmaster: Jon Pitts

Committee Chair: Chuck DeMille

Chartered Organization Representative: Mary Lyman

Assistant Scoutmasters: Mike Harm, Joe Mario, Mark Nolan, Steve Yao, Jeremy Brown, Amy Brown, Derek Anderson, Michael Mulligan, Michael Purple

Committee Members: Tom Luhrs, Sean Curran, Rob DeMars, Tom Fannon, Darren Lee, Noel Almeida, Geoffrey Jamieson, Rich Meldrum, Maulik Shah, Glen Anderson, Dan Beaudry, James Berthold, Chris Caldwell, Joe Callaghan, Ross Dahlstrom, Karl Hampton, Carrie Hampton, Hui Huang, Christopher Knorr, Scott Lyman, Kambiz Munshi, Timothy Onash, Sridhar Pola, Deborah Rosenthal, Brian Slater, Rob Sutton, Jeffrey Warren, Annie Yang, Jeffrey Zhang