Troop Outings

A calendar of planned monthly outings is available on the Troop 159 website. Announcements are made during weekly meetings providing additional information on the upcoming outing. Outings are designed to allow participation by Scouts of all ages.

Scouts planning on attending an outing will be required to return a permission slip by the date indicated (typically two weeks prior to the outing). Permission slips are provided during the weekly meetings.

Adults planning on attending an outing must be registered members of Troop 159 and must have completed the necessary BSA Training to help promote a safe learning environment.

Packing checklists for various outings can be found in 'Forms' section of this website. Below is a description of some of our outings as written by Troop 159 Scouts.


The outing we call “Cookfest” takes place usually in April and centers around cooking. It will most likely be a new scout’s first camping trip in the troop, due to the fact that they cross over in March. Patrols will meet at a troop meeting or patrol meeting before the trip to discuss what foods they want to bring for the trip, and the troop supplies each patrol with the correct amount of money that is necessary. Cookfest is well known for its competition, where a group of adults chooses multiple items of food, and each patrol must use those foods in any way, and the other items they brought to make the best dish out of all patrols. The selected adults will then judge each dish from every patrol on certain criteria, and the patrol with the best dish will win the Cookfest golden spoon. Cookfest is a fantastic outing, where younger scouts can get adjusted to the troops ways of doing things, highly recommended as the must-do trip for any scout who recently has crossed over. N.A.


Every year Troop 159 does a canoeing outing at several different locations. We rotate the places the troop goes each year between camping on islands at newfound lake, and going on the fast flowing Battenkill river in New York. Before every outing the troop holds a shakedown on the concord river for new scouts if they have never been on a canoe outing before. Even though it’s only mandatory for those new scouts, everyone else joins in just because it’s so much fun! On the Batenkill outing the troop brings all the gear up on cars and straight into the campsite while on Newfound Lake the gear gets canoed over to the island. The Batenkill river has sections of fast moving water and winding turns which are a lot of fun. Occasionally when you get into a tricky spot your canoe may flip but the river is relatively shallow so it won’t be a problem and actually adds a lot of fun into the journey. On Newfound Lake you can canoe or swim around the islands pretty much any time you want and explore the neighboring island. The fishing is excellent and there are many rocky out coves to fish from either on land or from the canoe. Throughout the day the troop has several games like capture the flag, tag, and races all on the canoes between the islands. Both outings are really fun but also different experiences so I would highly recommend to do both. T.W.

Boston Outing

The Boston outing is the one outing of the year where scouts are permitted to bring electronics, and one of the more fun ones. The outing starts out at a cabin, with power outlets and bunks. then leave to go to Boston. The scouts walk around, exploring different landmarks and fulfilling requirements for Citizenship in the Nation merit badge, or just enjoying the tour. The day finishes as Quincy Market where the scouts are given money to walk around, buy dinner, and have fun. Then, people start playing games and having fun, and after several hours go to sleep. The next morning, the scouts pack up and then go home. R.Y.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a very fun outing. We go on the Martha’s Vineyard biking outing in September as the first outing of each new scouting year. During this trip, we all meet up at the library and load our bikes and gear onto the truck and drive down to the cape. We then take the ferry to the island and get our bikes at the common. We then bike to the campsite in different groups. After arriving, we set up our gear and hang out around the campsite, with a small area allotted as a bike path. Later in the outing, we split off and go on scenic bike rides around the island, potentially visiting the beach but always ending with ice cream. All meals on this outing are provided by adults so there is no extra work for meal planning or cooking. If you love to bike, you should definitely be sure to come on this outing. V.V.

Winter Play Outing

The Winter Play Outing is our troop's annual outing in January. Each year we go to one of a couple campsites. Recent sites we have gone to are Camp Wah-Tut-Ca and Camp Bell. The scouts arrive at camp and put their packs in a cabin that we sleep in. The rest of the day is spent doing fun activities such as sledding, snow ball fights and building snow forts. If there is a lake that is thickly frozen we will go walk around on the lake and play on the ice. That night we sleep in the cabin on cots and in sleeping bags. The next morning we do more fun activities before driving back home. The Winter Play Outing is one of the best outings for scouts that enjoy a more “chill” experience. C.D.